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CDG intervenes, through its Territorial Development Branch, in the rental management of assets (mixed use), in rental property and profitable activities (offshoring business parks, offices, shops, industry, residential and student housing, car parks, government buildings).

  • Mission


    The development of a global real estate offer supposes the creation of spaces for living, but also for work, commerce, and logistics. Therefore, CDG has created a dedicated subsidiary, Foncière Chellah, specializing in rental property for office use and dynamic spaces, creating value for its clients.

    Foncière Chellah is a company specializing in the acquisition, development, and monetization of commercial rental property assets (offices, shops, industry and logistics). It has a portfolio of assets that meet the needs of national and multinational companies. It is participating in the development of the professional rental property sector, by positioning itself as a benchmark real estate company, with assets with high added value and targeting excellent customers.

    It puts its expertise at the service of its stakeholders, with innovative real estate solutions with high added value, which meet the different uses of its target customers.

  • Mission

    Ewane Assets is a real estate company dedicated to professional rental property, business parks and integrated industrial platforms (P2I) Offshoring. It is the result of the merger of Casanearshore SA, Technopolis Rabat Shore SA and Nemotek Technologie SA, which was initiated by MEDZ as part of its new strategic orientations, aimed at consolidating rental property stocks dedicated to offshoring.

    Ewane Assets owns 4 parks: Casanearshore, Technopolis, Fès Shore and Oujda Shore.

  • Mission

    A leader in asset management, Dyar Al Madina has acquired, in sixty years, expertise and know-how in the field of development and management of real estate assets, through the implementation of economic and social housing programs.

    The company has adopted a new strategy, based on upgrading its assets and positioning in niche rental niche areas.

  • Mission

    Patrilog is a project company which aims to create integrated cities, intended to improve the socioeconomic conditions of members of the Royal Armed Forces, by providing them with housing offering a pleasant living environment. The objective of the company is to contribute to the construction of 80,000 housing units for the benefit of the civil and military personnel of the National Defense administration, including 20,000 intended for rental and 60,000 intended for access to the property.

  • Mission

    The main purpose of the Compagnie Générale des Parkings (CGPark) is to build, finance and operate underground car parks and on-street parking.

    Today, the company is looking to various cities in the Kingdom to operate and develop parking, mainly on the road, within the framework of concessions or local development companies, in partnership with organizations and Municipalities (especially those of Rabat and Marrakech).

    CGPark is working with various owners of closed parking lots (on-site or on the surface), with a view to offering the management of their assets.