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Act for the community and knowledge

The development process is a multidimensional dynamic which requires a harmonious combination of financial capital, social capital, human capital, and intellectual capital. Anxious to preserve this balance, CDG deploys its interventions beyond the economic sphere, by investing in the long term in the dissemination of knowledge and the strengthening of social ties. This civic commitment is reflected in the solidarity actions led by the CDG Foundation and in the promotion of intellectual exchanges ensured by the CDG Institute and the creation of the Moroccan Institute of Administrators "IMA" and the International University of Rabat "UIR".

CDG Foundation

Created in 2004 in the form of a Directorate attached to the General Directorate, the CDG Foundation acquired in 2006 its status as a non-profit association, declared in 2007 as an association recognized as being of public utility by decree n ° 2.07. .893 of May 29, 2007.

In order to structure and federate its actions intended to materialize and promote its commitments to social responsibility, CDG created the CDG Foundation which, since its creation, has worked to translate the citizenship values of the CDG Group into the field.

To support social developments in Morocco, the CDG Foundation has chosen to contribute both to structuring programs of national or regional scope and to those with strong local roots, by targeting innovative actions / projects that meet emerging community expectations. lack or insufficiency of durable solutions and / or inherent to the rapid evolution of society and its environment.

The CDG Foundation constantly strives to nurture its ambitions of social responsibility by supporting and accompanying a mosaic of actions leading to fulfillment and relief for the citizens who benefit from them, influence, social and cultural value, and progress for the regions where they take place. It does so according to a program enriched year after year by feedback from successful experiences and by new actions strongly linked to its missions and having a strong impact for the target populations and regions.

Logo Fondation CDG


The purpose of the CDG Foundation is to support actions of solidarity and social and sustainable development as well as projects to promote art and culture and to enhance cultural heritage.

The Foundation undertakes all activities of financing, development and execution of projects, organization of public or private events, communication and outreach that may contribute directly or indirectly to the achievement of its object.

  • Work as a federating lever for the citizen actions of the CDG Group
  • Develop and support actions of solidarity and social and sustainable development
  • Support the dynamic of local and national development through the deployment of innovative partnerships.
  • Financial contribution in the form of donations to initiatives promoting social bond, dignity, empowerment and responsibility and the granting of prizes recognizing merit, talent, and excellence
  • Donations in kind: provision of books and works, trophies acquired by the CDG Foundation and offered as rewards
  • Skills donation: the Group's expertise put at the service of certain structuring actions.