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Presentation of the 2022 Strategic Plan

In June 2017, the CDG Group implemented a new 2022 strategic plan based on the evolution of its intervention methods

The 2017-2022 strategic plan of the CDG Group has changed its modes of intervention from "Operator" to "Expert", "Co-Funder" and "Investor". According to the old mode of "operator", the CDG Group took charge of all the links in the value chain of a project (design, acquisition of land, planning, development, marketing, management, etc.).

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With this change in its mode of intervention, the CDG Group is consolidating its economic model and increasing its intervention capacities in order to better respond to the challenges of the Kingdom, in particular those related to the evolution of its growth model, advanced regionalization, energy transition and sustainable development.

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This is how the CDG Group's 2022 strategy is now based on the following five pillars:

  • Savings / Provident schemes 
  • Tourism
  • Territorial development
  • Co-financer
  • Investor

The CDG Group, through these five pillars, consolidates its character as a trusted third party to its depositors, concentrates its intervention in the field of tourist resorts on those of Saïdia and Taghazout as well as on strategic hotel assets, is changing its mode of intervention in industrial zones and urban development from operator mode to one geared towards providing expertise on behalf of the State and local authorities, under MOD or manager form ("Expert" mode).

It also contributes to the financing of SMEs and local authorities in partnership with the banking sector (“Co-financer” mode) and strengthens the dynamic of investments in new sectors. essential to the diversification of the country's growth model such as industry, agro-food, new information technologies and renewable energies through targeted minority investments ( “investor” mode)

The 5 pillars of the CDG Group's 2022 strategic plan are deployed through a structured organization organized around 4 business groups:

  • Savings management / provident schemes
  • Territorial development
  • Tourism
  • Banking, finance, investment

This organization aims to simplify and clarify the management processes and optimize the number of consolidated entities.

Download the presentation of the CDG 2022 Strategic Plan (.pdf)

Les politiques économiques CDG Maroc : La pérennité du modèle économique du Groupe CDG dépend principalement de la stratégie d’investissement de la CDG

Progress report 

The CDG Group's strategic plan for 2022 brought about changes in the Group's intervention methods. Indeed, the CDG Group is now intervening within the framework of its new strategy as an “Expert”, “Co-Financer”, or “Investor” in order to respond optimally to the economic challenges of the Kingdom and to fully accomplish its mission and vocation.

This new positioning has enabled the Group to:

  • Increase in its intervention capacity
  • Exploit the leverage effect
  • Improvement of the Group's risk management
  • Equity-saving’s financial modeling and structuring

With this evolution of its modes of intervention, the CDG Group has been able to carry out and materialize many projects resulting from the 2017-2022 strategic plan, namely:

  • Strengthening of the governance of the Group and optimization of the organization through the creation of Branches (Territorial Development, Tourism and Investment)
  • Simplification of the structure of the Group through the consolidation and reduction of the number of subsidiaries and holdings
  • Launch of the One CDG initiative to consolidate the Group's culture and strengthen internal synergies
  • Establishment of a new prudential framework strengthening the Group's steering system
  • Creation of an investment fund dedicated to Morocco's global businesses and a fund dedicated to financing SMEs
  • Establishment of a multi-activity offer for the regions in the deployment of their PDR
  • Launch of the “212 Founders” program to support and accelerate the development of national startups
  • Ongoing support for SMEs through the short-term financing guarantee activity
  • Sustained development of regulated deposits (Notaries, Secretaries Clerks, etc.)
  • Launch of numerous Sustainable Development initiatives by the main activities of the Group

This is how the CDG Group was able to consolidate its proven economic model by implementing its 2017-2022 strategic plan while changing its mode of intervention and operation to better support and respond to the socio-economic and strategic challenges of the Kingdom.