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Visuel RH

Joining CDG Group means joining a committed, avant-garde and intergenerational Group. 

For more than 60 years, we have been at the forefront of the fight to build a productive present and a prosperous future for Morocco and Moroccans. 

A civic mission

We proudly assume a precious "Amana" entrusted by the State and citizens, and contribute in a responsible and sustainable way to the economic and social development of the Kingdom, while creating a positive impact for the Nation. 

Our diversity

The diversity of our business lines and the wide range of our subsidiaries throughout Morocco offer you valuable opportunities for internal development according to your own professional project and career aspirations 

An active group

Taking part of a dynamic of continuous renewal to meet the stakes of the Kingdom.

A common culture shared through our values

Based on three moral cultural principles directly linked to our "Amana", our values guide all our interactions within the Group and with our environment. They foster our individual and collective commitment and guide our behaviour as well as the way we manage and exercise our responsibilities. 
Excellence Citoyenneté   Responsabilité