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Act for the community and knowledge

The development process is a multidimensional dynamic which requires a harmonious combination of financial capital, social capital, human capital, and intellectual capital. Anxious to preserve this balance, CDG deploys its interventions beyond the economic sphere, by investing in the long term in the dissemination of knowledge and the strengthening of social ties. This civic commitment is reflected in the solidarity actions led by the CDG Foundation and in the promotion of intellectual exchanges ensured by the CDG Institute and the creation of the Moroccan Institute of Administrators "IMA" and the International University of Rabat "UIR".

Économie du savoir

CDG Institute 

Created in 2004 to provide CDG with a platform to contribute to the influence of the Group, the CDG Institute is also a space for reflection which is positioned upstream of strategic reflection. Finally, it is a place of exchange that promotes creativity, business expertise, reflection, openness and foresight.

Participating in the influence of the CDG Group, the CDG Institute invites actors from different backgrounds: political and economic decision-makers, professional actors, scientists and researchers, opinion leaders, representatives of civil society, etc., in addition to managers and executives of the CDG Group, with the aim of multiplying the avenues of analysis and comparing ideas on a given problem, in order to be able to provide the finest and most comprehensive answers possible.


International University of Rabat (UIR)

Create and transmit knowledge and values for the benefit of the societies of tomorrow
Since its creation in 2010, the International University of Rabat has undertaken to create an African University of world rank.

Its primary objective is to respond to national challenges, by working in particular in the field of Education and Training for executives, the main lever of economic growth for sustainable development.

The UIR is also committed to training executives and experts in key areas outside the Kingdom's development plans and to participating in research and development and in the transfer and promotion of “Made in Morocco” research.